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Since 1974, Spanish company “CELME” has been devoted to creating new technologies that permit production that meets highest quality at smallest possible cost.
We develop and improve patented inventions to achieve our company’s objectives. Over the past years, “CELME” has been expanding already completed projects called ‘key in a hand’ in many different countries focusing mainly on China and Russia, which resulted in a satisfactory feedback from our customers in regards to costs, quality and productivity.
Every element of a technological line used in our projects has been thought through. For this reason, only demandingly chosen equipment and machinery has been  incorporated into technological processes.
As a result, “CELME” is able to offer its clients a vast range of equipment that meets customer’s demands and technological innovations.
We have also incorporated selected equipment, which was being used primarily in the footwear factories, into other industries such as automotive, moulding, packing, aeronautics, etc.